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El Nido is truly a magical place. Some refer to it as a paradise, from its ageless, majestic marble cliffs to its white sandy beaches with crystal-clear water.

El Nido is not only a tropical beach paradise, it is like no other town.

With breathtaking views of nature, over and under the water, El Nido is one of the most spectacular seascapes on earth.

National Geographic also named El Nido Palawan as one of the world's best destinations.


Coron is among Philippines ' best and most enchanting island.

Coron Island will amaze you with its seven captivating lagoons, with stunning reefs on the floor and outstanding calcareous cliffs as the walls, giving you a vivid picture of what a paradise is like.



Please find below a comparison of the ferry companies to get from el nido to coron and coron to el nido.

El Nido Ferries


Montenegro lines

Duration: 3.5 hours to 4 hours

Price: •Regular -1760

          •Student - 1496

          •Senior   - 1257

          •Kids       - 880

Seat Layout: 2x3x2

Accommodation Capacity: 140 passengers

Frequency: Daily

Luggage Allowance: 2 items per person

Ferry Amenities: Air-conditioned




Philmal Fast Ferry

Duration: 4 hours

Price: •Regular -1760

           •Student - 1760

           •Senior   - 1319

           •Kids       - 925

Seat Layout: 4x3

Accommodation Capacity: 130-140 passengers

Frequency: Daily

Luggage Allowance: 2 hand luggage items

Ferry Amenities: Air-conditioned


                           English Speaking Staff



Jomalia Shipping

Duration:  3.5 hours

Price: •Regular -1800

          •Student - 1440

          •Senior   - 1285

          •Kids       - 900

Seat Layout: 2 Deck / 2x4x2 and 4x4

Accommodation Capacity: 199 passengers

Frequency: Daily

Luggage Allowance 2 bags per passenger

Ferry Amenities: Open Air



                             English Speaking Staff


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